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Annual " Plagiarism Award" is sponsored by the German Action Plagiarius Association . This disgraceful award is created to alert the public on counterfeiting and piracy problem and its negative impact on the overall economy , small businesses and designers. Each year,company identified as the most blatant plagiarism design by the jury will receive the award ( trophy is a long golden nose black dwarfs to symbolize illegal income obtained from these companies counterfeit products). To arouse more attention to Chinese enterprises intellectual property protection, this year´s "plagiarism" award by our selection results are summarized as follows :


2014 annual "Plagiarism Award" selection results were announced recently . The Jury of the Top three major awards , three special awards and seven "excellent" award ( in alphabetical order ) , involving a total of 51 companies . Among them, Chinese enterprises " sweep " of the first two major awards , occupy two places in the three special awards , and have a business in the " excellent" awards "the list ."


Take this year´s "Plagiarism Award" winner as an example, a manufacturer located in Shenzhen of China wave therapy device companies made almost no difference of plagiarism of German companies Zimmer MedizinSysteme GmbH for products  ( Click here to compare pictures : http: / / the left of the original product , to the right product for the plagiarism , the difference was minimal from the appearance ) . In addition to product design plagiarism addition , the Chinese enterprises are still almost completely copied the German companies corresponding product website. The China Enterprises so "round" plagiarism. The highest annual "Plagiarism Award" list for this company is "well deserved ."


According to statistics, 10% of the global commodity is forgery and plagiarism ; Due to this, global economyloss from 2000 to 300,000,000,000 euros  each year; Reduced employment opportunities worldwide reached 200,000. From results of "plagiarism Award" this year, disgraceful image of Chinese enterprises in terms of product counterfeiting and piracy has caused widespread concern across the globe . How to improve competition in the global market for independent innovation capability , scrubbing "Intellectual Property Plagiarist " bad image as soon as possible , has become placed in front of Chinese companies an increasingly serious problem .