ROY IP Legal Office undertakes enterprise IPR litigation and other legal affairs.

After a dozen years of development, ROY today has own a litigation team with profound academic achievement and rich practice experience, all the members of which are graduated from famous law schools in China or European and American countries. Carrying out the consistent idea of “profession creates possibility and communication achieves quality”, ROY&ROBINSON’s litigation team provides clients with succinctly and continuously professional legal service with actual value.  

In the past years, ROY has achieved great results in terms of IPR litigation, highly praised by regulation organizations, clients and counterparts; won the title of “Excellent Legal Office” and “Advanced Collective” repeatedly; been among the best legal offices ranked by international media for consecutive years, with several lawyers winning the title of “Outstanding Lawyer” repeatedly.

The successful cases handled by ROY have been rated as the Classic Case of the Year by the Supreme Judicial Court or local courts for several times, with multiple cases getting wide attention due to their function of industrial demonstration


Our professional IPR lawyer team has been maintaining the leading position of the industry.

Litigation service is a challenging work, able to demonstrate the characters of lawyers’ practice. Our lawyers concentrate on maintaining the IPR of right holders.  

Administrative litigation of right verification. ROY boasts the lawyers with rich litigation experience, who have demonstrated their outstanding profession in the administrative litigation of IPR right verification. The successful handling of right verification cases can provide with strong support for the wining of related infringement cases. ROY’s lawyers also participate in multiple seminars on the litigation of the field, to share their experience and attainment of right verification litigation with their peers.

Civil litigation of infringement. In the civil litigation of IPR infringement, we, as the agents of right holders to safeguard their legal rights, have launched campaigns positively by depending on our self-built strong investigation network nationwide; and instituted civil litigations in the courts involved located in the whole countries, especially in the costal developed regions. During the process of case handling, ROY’s lawyers pay great attention to the concrete situations of different cases and regions, in order to formulate different litigation strategies; those efforts they have made have not only made them win the cases, and won over reasonable compensations for their clients; moreover, multiple cases they handled have exerted important influences locally, even nationwide; some of them even play as the pioneers among the counterpart cases.

Criminal litigation related to IPR. Agency of criminal litigation related to IPR is another specialty of us. Our lawyers often assist the industrial and commercial administrative department, public security department and prosecution department in providing with clues, finding out criminal facts, investigating and collecting evidences and representing the victims to appear in court, which have achieved significant effects and clients’ recognition. 

Anti-monopoly legal affairs. Anti-monopoly legal affairs are the business area we have newly explored in the recent years. We can provide our clients with anti-monopoly legal service, having accumulated rich experience in anti-monopoly consulting and investigation, centralized declaration of operators, administrative enforcement of anti-monopoly law and dispute settlement.

ADR IPR affairs. We have achieved outstanding results in ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) related to IPR affairs. We have assumed the IPR consultant for several enterprises, to coordinate the resources and advantages in all directions; help enterprises establish their IPR strategy system; launch related training; provide with consulting service; assist enterprises in establishing and improving their internal IPR management system; handle the various contracts of enterprises related to IPR; represent enterprises to participate in related IPR negotiations; and assisted enterprises’ crisis management.

Corporate legal affairs. Normally, we act as the perennial legal consultant of our clients to assist them in handling various internal and external legal issues, and provide with independent and objective opinions and suggestions. We believe that enterprises actually need the professionals who have a good knowledge of various rules and related policy background, and be capable of providing with balanced, safe and efficient legal solutions. In this aspect, we have made a large number of exploration and practice, accumulating rich practice experience in terms of enterprises’ organization structure design, adjustment and reorganization of management system, transaction mode design, prohibition of competitive dealing and related-party transaction; we are capable of acting as the best organization to assist our clients in solving the affairs mentioned above.

In the recent years, through participating in regular business exchanges and academic seminars and providing consulting opinions, we have kept close communication and exchange with administrative organizations of justice, professional trade associations, R&D teams of universities and various international IPR organizations, holding important positions in a series of industrial organizations.

Based on our deep understanding of the IPR legislation and practice in China, our lawyers have written lots of academic books and papers, by combining with their rich practice experience and improved working methods in the field of IPR practice; they are often invited to make speeches in various meetings on professional theories.


By its outstanding litigation service, ROY has been highly praised by its clients.