IP Enforcement

Since its establishment, IPR right protection has been one of the core businesses of ROY, which has been highly recognized by its clients and counterparts by its strengthen and results it has achieved in the field of IPR right protection.

ROY’s great performance in terms of IPR right protection benefits from the strong team it owns and the right protection network covering the whole country it has built. ROY owns a professional team, specialized in infringement investigation and right protection with near 30 members, consisted of by near 10 legal personnel of vocational qualification and over 30 full-time investigators. 

In the recent years, ROY handles over 1000 administrative right protection cases yearly, leading the industry no matter in terms of case number or case quality. ROY has achieved “timely discovering and prevention” for various infringement behaviors to its clients’ IPR, capable of safeguard the legitimate rights and interest of clients.

ROY provides the following services of right protection:

Infringement investigation and evidence collection service. Investigation and evidence collection act as the prerequisite of successful right protection. The investigation and evidence collection provided by ROY include monitoring on key market and infringement hot spots in China; field investigation and evidence collection of various infringement behaviors and cooperation with notary office for evidence collection and monitoring of various infringement behaviors based on internet; investigation on the exempt properties owned by infringers for the convenience of judgment enforcement; collection and preparation of infringement information; establishment and management of infringement information database, and so on.

ROY boasts its strong ability of investigation. It owns over 30 senior investigators, distributed in branches set up in Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo and Guangzhou and other infringement hot spots. Besides, ROY gets its support and supplement from overseas investigation power, owning an efficient information collection network, which has ensured its timely discovering of infringement behaviors and rapid respond.

ROY boasts its various forms of evidence collection. Besides field investigation on infringement information, various forms, including webpage notarization, purchasing notarization of infringed sample, customs checking and detaining, cooperation with courts in evidence prevention on the spot, are applied to ensure that the evidences can be accepted by law enforcement agencies and judicial offices.  

Criminal case handling. Criminal cases exert the biggest deterrent force to infringers. Benefited from its strong investigation ability and sound communication with the Ministry of Public Security and local public security departments,ROY has handled hundreds of criminal cases and banned several nationwide infringement networks, making history in terms of case value, population of conviction and sentence, prison term or penalty.

Request investigation and cooperative investigation with industrial and commercial bureau and quality supervision department. ROY handles hundreds of administrative investigation cases yearly. It has maintained sound communication with enforcement departments of all levels, including the industrial and commercial bureau, quality supervision department and customs department, to ensure the timely, efficient and fair treatment of its cases.

ROY has been highly recognized by officers and clients in terms of its handling of complicated trademark infringement cases and unfair competition cases, such as the conflict of enterprises’ names and trademark rights; similarity of package and decoration; administrative protection of 3D trademarks, with a series of outstanding cases.

Handling of customs protection cases. ROY has maintained closed cooperation with customs to prevent the export of infringed products. It has helped dozens of right holders put IPR on customs records and cooperate with the customs in the detainment of infringed products. In the past years, it has handled over 300 customs detainment cases yearly.

In order to make the law enforcement offices of customs familiar with the trademarks of its clients, ROY actively participates in the training held by the customs, while holding regular special trainings for customs officers from key ports, such as Ningbo, Shenzhen, Qingdao and Guangzhou, which have had great effects.

ROY holds the leading position among other peer legal offices in preventing the export of infringed patent products. It has had years of successful cooperation experience with customs in Guangdong and Zhejiang, having detaining dozens of containers full of infringed patent products, saving huge economic losses for the right holders.

Exhibition monitoring and right protection. ROY has a long history in providing the service of exhibition monitoring and right protection. Since its establishment, ROY has made great achievement in assisting its clients in right protection in the Canton Fair of the previous years. It has also assisted its clients in evidence collection and right protection in various industrial exhibitions, such as house furnishing, food, garden machine and bodybuilding equipments; and assumed the responsibility of subsequent right protection, including sending lawyers’ of letters to infringers, asking local authorities of law enforcement to investigate and mediate cases or file civil litigations, which has achieved significantly efficient results.  

Patent infringement cases: filing complaints to local IPR department. ROY has asked local IPR departments to handle dozens of patent infringement cases, achieving great results. Though the IPR departments can just mediate the case according to their functions and powers, some local IPR departments have certain advantages in site evidence collection, sealing-up and attaching of products and specialized moulds involved in cases as well as the supervision of destroying infringed products and moulds, compared to courts. Tort compensation is not the purpose of the clients; however, they pay more attention to the attachment and destroy of products and moulds involved in cases; therefore, ROY tries to solve the problems by filing complaints to IPR departments.

Domain name registration, maintenance and dispute. ROY owns a “domain name team”, specialized in domain name registration, maintenance and arbitration. Besides litigation of domain name dispute, ROY has also successfully handled dozens of arbitration cases of domain name disputes, having rich experience in the arbitration of domain name dispute.

ROY has established long-term and stable right protection cooperation with multiple world-renowned enterprises, acting as their exclusive service provider in China; and has a series of cases of right protection awarded as key cases or outstanding cases by authorities and industrial associations