1.      Licensing and assignment contract drafting and verification related to the copyright and neighboring right of written works, audio-video products, performance and works of art;

2.      Legal plan design for copyright protection of computer software;

3.      Infringement investigation and right protection on internet intellectual property; evidential investigation and right protection on domain name dispute;

4.      Investigation and lawsuit handling concerning copyright issues;

5.      Other businesses related to copyright issues.


Business Secret & Anti-unfair Competition


1.      Provide with legal consulting and lawsuit handling related to business secret infringement and unfair competition;

2.      Investigation and evidence collection of unfair competition practices concerning misleading propaganda, comparative advertising and business secret infringement.


By virtue of its concentration and professional spirit, ROY’s professional performance has been highly appraised by its competent authorities, clients and counterparts. Domestically, we are good at innovation in law cases; internationally, we have been well received by multiple international IPR rating agencies; meanwhile, we also actively participated in various public benefit activities for charitable giving.