Patent service is one of ROY’s core businesses. Its patent team was built in 2013; today, it owns a batch of high-quality talents with standardized management system, capable of providing clients with all-round patent service.

In terms of customer service, ROY chooses the group responsibility system based on customers, a service mode that can best suit the demands of clients. By using this mode, it can ensure that the case leaders understand clients’ patents comprehensively; when facing with problems, they can consider the resolution based on the overall situation and provide with concretely effective suggestions and plans; on the other hand, this mode is in favor of mobilizing all the resources related to patent business within the company to serve the clients.

ROY’s patent team features customer orientation; by depending on the strongly professional team, it provides its clients with comprehensive and effective IPR service, based on its years of practical experience and close coordination with other departments.

At present, ROY’s patent business boasts the following significant service advantages:

Patent application service. According to the R&D situations and actual demands of its clients at home and abroad, ROY’s patent team represents its clients to compose the application documents of utility models and inventions in China; defense of review comments and the production of the pictures or images of appearance design application. While assisting clients in getting patents smoothly, ROY pays great attention to deliberating the composition mode of patent application documents and conducting researches on the strategies of patent application, to protect the benefits’ of clients at the greatest extent.

Overseas patent application service. ROY’s patent team can provide professional and all-round overseas patent application service. Its partners and branches not only distribute in developed countries, such as Europe, North America, Australia, Japan and Korea, but also cover over 100 developing countries and region in Southeast Asia, North America, Caribbean and Mediterranean, qualified to provide you with all-round and professional service.

Patent invalidation review service. Reviewing on the usage principle, examination standards and the establishment of IPR system of the patent is the most fundamental and core technology support to this service. ROY’s patent team has shown its solid strength in patent invalidation review. Since 2013, it has handled a large number of invalid patent cases, most of which have gotten favored judgment; on the other hand, ROY’s patent team pays great attention to the business exchange with the committee of patent review, to learn the latest principle of patent review and examination and examination standard timely, to provide better service for its clients.

While providing basic services, ROY also develops special service items according to clients’ deeper demands:

Infringement risk analysis and circumvention design service. ROY’s patent team, based on the analysis on enterprises’ products and the counterpart patented products of their competitors, reaches the conclusion that whether the enterprises’ product conduct patent infringement. If the analysis shows that there is infringement, ROY will find out leaks in protection areas and contents, according to the patent barrier of the competitors, and use the leaks to “borrow” the patent technology, under the prerequisite of no infringement of patent right. Circumvention design is an important measure for enterprises to avoid infringement in patent strategies, and a shortcut of completion at the smallest cost.

Patent early warning service. ROY’s patent team will search the technology development information and R&D information of enterprises’ competitors; formulate strategies about the production of self-dependent patent, usage of patent technology and protective measures of patent rights; manage the patent rights and technology secrets; respond rapidly and effectively to patent disputes, make advanced notices of the patent disputes to come; so as to make enterprises take the initiative in the competition of the international market to meet with the challenges composed by their competitors, maintain the benefits of Chinese enterprises, avoid the happening of patent disputes and evade the patent infringement behaviors.

Patent consulting service. ROY’s patent team provides clients with daily consulting guidance of patent affairs in every consulting year, according to clients’ demands; provide clients with related legal opinions or suggestions for patent application strategy and patent allocation; assist clients in handling various patent infringement and disputes of patent ownership; on the other hand, it provides clients with personnel training service for concrete legal problems or on regular basis.

Patent hosting service. Patent hosting service is a customized service that ROY’s patent team has set up to serve its clients, which could insist its clients in establishing their own patent working system; assisting clients in establishing the patent pool according to their technologies and products; formulate strategies of technology R&D and patent protection; train the patent personnel of clients to upgrade their professional quality; make regular and directional patent information research; conduct studies on the products and patents of clients’ competitors, conduct possibility analysis on patent infringement or provide strategies for clients to use their own patents to improve their market shares; established enterprises’ own all-round 3D IPR protection system.

While upgrading its ability to handle concrete cases and improving its customer service,ROY’s patent team also pays attention to the advance in theoretic advantage. In the recent years, along with the joining of multiple top experts in China proficient in patent legal theories or familiar with patent review and the characters of invalid patent, ROY’s patent team has upgraded its ability to handle various hard cases significantly, while ensuring that the team can timely understand the change of examination and judgment principles, so as to better service its clients.

ROY’s patent team maintains close and stable cooperation with dozens of famous enterprises at home and abroad in long term, winning trust and respect of its clients.