Trademark legal service has been the core business of ROY. In the recent years, we have built a team of trademark service with near 100 members who are well educated boasting rich practice experience.

Based on the honest and initiative service idea, the trademark service team of ROY has, by virtue of its strongly professional team, efficient IPR management system and close cooperation with other departments, developed its own specialty, providing the overall, comprehensive and high-quality services for its clients at home and abroad with strong pertinence.

ROY, through summarizing the characteristics of trademark legal service, has chosen the group responsibility system based on clients, which is the service pattern that can best meet clients’ requirements. Such a pattern can both ensure the group leaders to learn the overall condition of clients’ trademarks, for the convenience their comprehensive mastery of situations and providing clients with pointed solutions in face of problems; and make us able to mobilize all the resources of trademark service to provide its clients with legal services in multiple related fields.

At present, the prominent advantages of the basic trademark legal service of ROY are as follows:

Solid and professional basic trademark business processing. ROY is qualified to represent its clients to apply for trademark and domain name in China; solve right verification and disputes related to trademark and domain name; assist its clients in right acquisition and maintenance smoothly. We can provide with multiple solutions for complicated and difficult cases, or clear obstacles for enterprises through trademark purchasing. At the same time, ROY has also successfully strived for multiple ground-breaking cases in the industry for its clients, maintaining their utmost legitimate rights and interest.

Integrated overseas trademark service. In the past dozens of years, ROY has constructed long-term and stable cooperative relations with near 1000 IPR facilitating agencies in over 160 countries and regions. By combining with clients’ actual situations, ROY, capable of conducting trademark registration in various countries and regions through Madrid International System of Trademark Registration, can provide its domestic and overseas clients with foreign trademark inquiry, registration application and extension services; act as its clients’ agent to solve the dissent and disputed cases of their overseas scramble of trademark registration; provide its clients with all-round professional services of overseas trademark affairs, including trademark licensing, registration management of overseas TLD and national Level- II domain names, overseas customs record, overseas cases of trademark infringement, response options for temporary restraining orders in exhibitions, and so on.  

Guidance and agency for famous and well-known trademarks. In order to provide its clients with IPR protection service in a greater scale and upgrade the value of trademarks as intangible assets, ROY provides its clients with consulting and guidance service for famous trademark recognition as well as well-known trademark recognition along with the cases. ROY has accumulated rich experience in guidance of case selection and material consolidation, as well as service experience related to well-known trademark. At present, we have acted as the agent of multiple cases of well-known trademarks in various provinces in China, and successfully assisted our clients in well-known trademark recognition through various forms of cases.

Besides providing basic services, ROY has developed pointedly special services according to the deep demands of its clients as follows:

Trademark examination and strategy analysis service. Trademark examination is also known as trademark auditing or trademark checking. ROY can investigate and summarize the general situation of trademarks’ registration and usage, to help enterprises understand the current status and existing leaks of their trademarks comprehensively, to provide references for the precaution of trademark legal risks. On this basis, ROY can formulate or improve the preliminary analysis and planning proposals of enterprises’ trademark strategies.

Trademark consulting service. In each consulting year, ROY can provide its clients with daily consulting guidance according to their trademark affairs; provide with related opinions and proposals for enterprise trademark legal affairs; assist clients in processing various forms of trademark infringement and dispute; provide enterprises with accurately legal orientations for their trademarks, based on enterprises’ actual demands and development prospect; and provide with customized training service for IPR management personnel within the enterprises. ROY has provided consulting service for multiple enterprises at home and abroad successively, through which we have won clients’ high recognition and accumulated rich experience.

Trademark hosting service. Based on enterprises’ actual situations and demands, ROY provides with customized integrated out-sourcing management service of trademark, according to the current situation of IPR of enterprises’ trademarks, which often includes the computerization management of all the trademark information, management system formulation, strategy planning, implementation scheme formulation, intelligence collection, analysis on major horizontal competitors and so on, in the form of initiative interaction with enterprises. The hosting service can both reduce the set-up cost of experts and institutions within enterprises, and provide them with more professional trademark legal service, for the purpose of assisting enterprises in reducing staff cost, achieving the comprehensive understanding, management and application of their trademarks and preventing from the infringement legal risk during daily commercial activities.

While upgrading the ability of concrete case handling and improving its customer service, ROY has strengthened the advantage of theoretic research. In the recent years, we have invited multiple state-level experts in the fields of trademark, patent, copyright and judicial adjudication to join us as senior consultants and special advisors, all of whom have participated in the research, drafting and demonstration of legislation related to the field of national intellectual property right. Besides promoting the legislation of IPR, this move has improved our ability to analyze various hard cases and solve problems, and ensured that we are capable of understanding the changes of principles of examination and judgment and practice, to better serve our clients.


ROY has been highly praised by the clients at home and abroad widely, by virtue of professional advantage and attentive service, having established stable and sound cooperative relations with near 1000 clients in long term.